business open

Despite the country going into lock down, we at Oakleys Buggies and Utility Vehicles will continue to operate as normal. Whilst following stringent procedures restricting any chances of contamination, Oakleys Buggies will continue to support and service our customer’s machines that are in operation. We will also continue to deliver new Buggies that are currently being assembled in our workshop, as well supply all parts that are needed by our customers.

Despite keeping plenty of stock in our warehouse, we are also slightly dependant on our suppliers. Of which all are sending out a similar message (luckily), yet we will let our customers know if any of this changes.

All that we ask of customers is that they give Oakleys plenty of warning if they require any parts or service. And try to avoid too much close contact with our staff and engineers.

Hopefully all this will soon become a distant memory.

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