Vehicles For The Industry

Here you'll find our full range available for industry usage. Whether that be in factories, warehousing or distribution, we have a vehicle to suit your needs.

Club Car Tempo 2+2

Club Car’s Tempo range looks and feels like a normal golf buggy. Yet they can be fitted with either a lithium battery or petrol powered engine, as well as either 2 or 4 seats.
The Tempo 2+2 has rear seats facing backwards and the Tempo4fun has the rear seats facing forward.
They are durable, cost little to maintain and are fun to drive!

Club Car Carryall

Club Car offer a wide selection of utility vehicles especially designed for the golf course. They are quiet, soft on the ground, hard wearing, and affordable to maintain.
The 2WD range can be powered by either petrol or electric, and the larger 4X4 vehicles are fitted with a more powerful diesel engine.

Club Car Villager

The Villager range is designed for transporting people. Whether it be around a building site or a holiday resort, the Villager range add luxury, comfort and style to those taking a ride in it.
The Villager range can accommodate carrying capacities of either 4, 6 or 8 people. All models can be fitted with either batteries or a petrol engine.

Club Car Transporter

Like the Villager range, the Transporter is designed to carry people along with the added carrying capacity of the transporter box located at the rear. The transport box at the rear can be replaced with customised unit if the customer prefers.

Garia Golf

The Garia Golf range is built for the high end market and comes battery powered (lithium optional), built to last, offer complete luxury and can be equipped with plenty of extravagant and fun accessories.

Garia Monaco

Garia allows us to offer our customers a luxurious vehicle that can be fitted with plenty of fun and exciting extras, as well as be driven on the road. Whether you want to commute to work or simply get from the 18th hole to the champagne bar to celebrate your win, the Garia Monaco will fulfill all your needs.

Garia City Utility Range

The Garia Utility City SC is EU type approved as an L7e for road use. Our shortest street legal model, made for navigating tight spaces that require agility when performing tasks in smaller areas. With superior handling, quick acceleration, it flows seamlessly in traffic.

Garia Park Utility Range

The Garia Utility Park is a strong work horse but without the additional cost and weight of making it road legal. Like the City version they also come in two sizes (short and long wheelbase) and are powered by battery power only.

Garia Utility
Garia Urban
Garia Urban

Garia Utility Vehicle - Urban

The best electric utility vehicle is one that covers all your needs.

The Garia Utility Urban is EU type approved as a light commercial vehicle (N1 class) for road use. The vehicle is crash tested and build to be safer than many other vehicles of this size. It will work with you to get you through your workday smoothly and efficiently. The Urban electric utility vehicle model is made for navigating tight spaces that require agility when performing tasks in confined areas.

Handling is superior, quick acceleration and with a top speed of 55 km/h - it flows seamlessly in urban traffic.

Transform your business - go green.