Garia Golf

The Garia Golf range is built for the high end market and comes battery powered (lithium optional), built to last, offer complete luxury and can be equipped with plenty of extravagant and fun accessories.

Garia Golf 2
Garia Golf 3
Garia Golf 4

Garia Golf 2+2

The Garia 2+2 replaces the boot space with an additional 2 seats facing backwards. 

Garia Golf 2

Garia Monaco

Garia allows us to offer our customers a luxurious vehicle that can be fitted with plenty of fun and exciting extras, as well as be driven on the road. Whether you want to commute to work or simply get from the 18th hole to the champagne bar to celebrate your win, the Garia Monaco will fulfill all your needs. 

The Garia Monaco can come fitted with 2 or 4 seats and can be either powered by normal or lithium battery power. As it is road legal it also comes with a complete lighting kit, necessary mirrors and independent breaking.

Monaco 2
Monaco 3
Monaco 4

The Monaco range have been built so that they are compliant with EU regulations making them road legal. Unlike other 4 seater models, the Monaco 4 has the 2nd pair of seats facing forward rather than back.

monaco-4-red (1)

Garia have worked hard to manufacture battery powered, compact and versatile vehicles that can be driven legally on the road.


Some basic stats:

Battery power only. Lithium or Lead Acid batteries.
28mph max speed.
37 miles range on Lead Acid Batteries.
62 miles range on Lithium Batteries.
Max Weight = 1500kg (long WB)
Cargo carrying capacity = 723kg (long WB)
Towing capacity = 300kg

Garia Utility Park

The Garia Utility Park is a strong work horse but without the additional cost and weight of making it road legal. Like the City version they also come in two sizes (short and long wheelbase) and are powered by battery power only. 


Some basic stats:
28mph max speed.
45 miles range on Lead Acid Batteries.
77 miles range on Lithium Batteries.
Max Weight = 1500kgs (long WB)
Cargo carrying capacity = 788kg (long WB)
Towing capacity = 300kg

Garia Park EC
Garia Park EC 2