Club Car Golf Buggies

Precedent 2 - Green
Precedent 2 - Red

Precedent 2

The Precedent i2 remains one of the finest performing cars on the market. The Precedent remains a favourite due to its long standing reputation for being reliable and cost effective.


The Club Car Tempo is fast becoming one of the most popular golf buggies on the market. Whether you are a fleet owner or an individual user, the Tempo is perfect when it comes to reliability, affordability and style.
The Tempo can be fitted with either batteries or petrol powered engine. They are durable, cost little to maintain and are fun to drive!

All-New Tempo
Tempo Visage

Manage your fleet better and enhance your customers golfing experience by being able to...

  • Monitor the health of your fleet
  • Maintain course boundaries
  • Improve pace of play
  • Communicate directly to vehicles
Tempo 2+2
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Tempo 2+2

Like the rest of the Tempo range, the Tempo 2+2 is sleek, robust and nimble (it claims to have the tightest turning circle in the industry!). It has an additional pair of seats added to the back of the vehicle of which can be folded down to make space for a cargo bed. 

You can choose between petrol or battery power and has a top speed of 15 mph.

Tempo Lithium-Ion

The Tempo Lithium-Ion is equipped with the latest technology that keeps your fleet running for longer and at a higher level of performance. The batteries come with a 8 year warranty as standard, which makes the Tempo Lithium-Ion cost effective to maintain.

Tempo Lithium-Ion
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Carryall 300 & 700
Carryall 500 With Picker
Carryall 550

Club Car Carryall

Club Car offer a wide selection of utility vehicles especially designed for the golf course. They are quiet, soft on the ground, hard wearing, and affordable to maintain. 

The 2WD range can be powered by either petrol or electric, and the larger 4X4 vehicles are fitted with a more powerful diesel engine. 

They can also be modified to cater for other commercial needs such as dispensing hot food and cold drinks, to collecting golf balls on the driving range.

Club Car Cafe Express

Don’t allow your golf members to get thirsty, by making sure that they are provided with cooled refreshments out on the course. Club Car have recently upgraded their Cafe Express model to help golf clubs boost their revenues, by encouraging their members to impulse buy additional food and drinks.
Built on the Carryall chassis ,with a petrol engine the Cafe Express is a versatile vehicle of which can carry up to 204 kgs of food and beverages. That's roughly 256 cans on ice!

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Basic Stats

Some basic stats:
Max speed = 14 mph
Engine = Petrol
Max Carrying Capacity = 386kg

Caryall 500

Portable Refreshment Centre

Turn your Carryall 500 into a very large cool box, which can be used to bring in additional food and beverage sales outside the club house and on the golf course. With plenty of storage compartments, the PRC can accommodate up to 360 canned drinks plus 80 pounds of ice. They are insulated, durable and designed so that they are easy to clean.