Roypow Lithium batteries

RoyPow Lithium Batteries

Oakleys is delighted to be a distributor of RoyPow lithium batteries for golf cars.

RoyPow is the world’s leading manufacturer of drop-in lithium batteries for golf cars. We are part of the Eve Energy group, one of the 5 largest lithium battery manufacturers worldwide.

Eve designs and manufactures lithium cells – the essential building blocks of any lithium battery. 


Why choose a RoyPow lithium battery?

RoyPow specialises in lithium iron phosphate batteries. 

Lithium iron (LFP), LiFePO. Are also known as lithium iron phosphate. These Lithium iron cells are very suitable for use in low speed vehicles. Their characteristics include long life, high safety and energy efficiency. This is only lithium chemistry battery that Eve manufactures, that RoyPow uses. It is the best for low-speed vehicles.


    • No Maintenance. Lithium batteries are sealed units so there is no water or acid to be replenished, ever, during the life of the battery. This means:
      • Less work for you
      • Your warranty is protected. With a lead-acid battery if you make a claim against the warranty the manufacturer will often ask if you have been maintaining it properly. With a lithium battery the maintenance question doesn’t even arise.
    • Fast charge. Depending on the battery model you choose, the charge time will be 2.5 – 5 hours. Less than half the time it would take to charge the equivalent lead-acid batteries.
  • Long range. Our two most popular golf cart batteries deliver 25 or 50 miles range in a 2-seater golf cart such as a Club Car Precedent or Tempo. We can fit our Lithium battery to other makes of golf cars as well.
  • Charge any time. Top-up charging works really well with our lithium batteries. You can do it at any time (early morning, during lunch, between rounds) and it has no negative effect on battery life.

Light weight. Our batteries are a fraction of the weight of the lead-acid units they replace, so that’s good for the turf, and good for performance too. Nippy acceleration without harming the grass.

Lithium batteries weigh much less than the equivalent in lead-acid. The typical weight saving is more than 85kg per golf car.

A lead-acid powered golf cart with only one person on board weighs about the same as a lithium powered golf car with two people on board.

RoyPow batteries are warranted for 5 years, but their design life is 3,500 charge/discharge cycles, which is more like 10 years of playing golf every day. In that time, how many sets of lead-acid batteries will you have to buy and fit?

Think of the maintenance costs of lead acid batteries.

Think of the golf car itself. The mess of acid spills, the risk of corrosion, the time cleaning-up.

Think of the energy costs. Lithium batteries have a higher charging efficiency and a lower self-discharge rate (only 3%/month), so lithium batteries are the energy-efficient option.