Garia Luxury Golf Cars

Garia is a Danish company that manufactures golf buggies for the high end and luxury market.

One could describe them as being the Ferrari of Golf Buggies! The majority of their products are aimed at golf yet many of their buggies are simply designed to allow the owner to travel in style, on and off the course as well as on the road. They are one of the few manufacturers who also specialise in road legal buggies.

The Garia product range tend to stand out above the rest when it comes to the quality of finish. Plus they offer plenty of fun optional extras that cannot be found elsewhere. If you want to have a buggy that has a built in… fridge, sports seats, alloy wheels, bluetooth hifi, carbon fiber roof, touchscreen scoreboard display etc (to name just a few!), then Garia should be your first choice.


The Garia Golf range offers various types of buggy along with plenty of fun and extravagant extras. The customer has the choice of being able to increase the buggy’s carrying capacity to 4 people as well as choose a model that is Road Legal.

Utility Range

If you are looking for a robust machine which is compact, nimble and produces zero emissions, then we suggest that you look at the  Garia Utility range. They can be custom built to operate in many types of working environments, and are available as both long and short wheel base sizes. There is even the choice of buying a road legal option.

Road Legal

Garia specialise in building buggies that can be used legally on the road. This is achieved by modifying the lighting, braking system, adding safety belts and wing mirrors

The Monaco range is Garia’s solution for those who require a buggy that is road legal. With the latest high performance lithium batteries, the driver can achieve a top speed of 25mph and drive for up to 40 miles. Like the Golf products, the Monaco buggies come with plenty of fun optional extras.

Build Your Own Garia Model