Buggy COVID Divider Screen

In order to stay open all businesses must remain compliant with the Government rules on preventing the spread of COVID. This is why Oakleys will soon be taking delivery of it's first batch of "Social Distancing Screens" for Club Car Golf Buggies. Of which will keep your customers safe and you compliant. And at the same time have no negative effect your customers experience.

Dividers are made to fit both golf vehicles, Tempo and Precedent two-passenger as well as the Consumer two-passenger Onward® vehicle.

There are two attachment options. Utilize the same divider for both Visage and non-Visage vehicles.  Simply make a small cut out to fit around vehicles equipped with Visage.


Please contact Oakleys whilst stocks last!


Physical Installation:

Physically attach the anchors to the specified points on the vehicle using a drill, Philips bit, and 3/16-inch drill bit. Insert the divider hooks through the anchors to secure the divider in the car.


Adhesive Installation:

Attach temporary adhesive clamps to the vehicle. Insert the divider hooks through the clamps to secure the divider in the car.


Part# SVP15887001 for the Divider Kit includes:

  • 1 Divider
  • 1 connecting strap
  • 1 piece of hook and loop
  • 3 p-clamps
  • 3 screws
  • 4 adhesive clamps
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