With so much competition for your customer’s recreational dollar, the advantage goes to the operation that differentiates, automates and improves efficiencies.

The evolution of the Precedent golf car line has earned industry accolades and inspired imitation industry-wide.

The revolutionary Precedent i2L includes all the standard features of the i2, plus a variety of upgrades your customer will appreciate.

After years with another manufacturer, Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club switched to Precedents in 2014.

EFI Comes Standard - Club Car Success Story

“We are very happy with the backup and after sales service we receive from Oakley’s. This is very important to us, especially at busy times of the season, that our golf buggy fleet is available at all times for hire.”


"We are very happy with the service Oakley’s offer and I would like to continue our relationship, whilst looking at the supply of a new golf car fleet."


"We are very happy with the service we receive from Oakley’s. If we have a problem Mike is here the next day which is very important to us. We would like to continue or relationship with Oakley’s when we are looking at a new buggy fleet."


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